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Fish Farms and Plant Farms are moving to High Tech Land-Based Facilities...more


God told us to rule the earth. Now with some new science we know how to feed the growing world's people...more


How can Genergy Technology improve marine ecosystems? Why are our oceans so important?...more


Why Genergy? How does Genergy compare with nuclear, solar, & wind? How much land does Genergy use?...More


Automation & startup kickoff this week in Houston. Software programming of the PLC are integrated with Infrared Sensors.


"Houston We Have Liftoff!" Genergy Mini Demonstration Unit "lights the lightbulbs" making its own electricity. We have crossed the line from "theory" to "reality"; from "FAITH" to "Sight".


In case you have forgot Classical Physics; Motion With Linear Drag (Buoyancy Physics); Conservation Laws (Energy Physics): and Gravitational Potential Energy ("GPE") are all applied in making electricity in God's Energy Technology.


What could the Middle East and Australia look like with BILLIONS OF CUBIC METERS OF CLEAN WATER added annually to the water supply? What do they look like now?


God's Energy technology for hydrogen production reduces the price of hydrogen considerably. I wonder if that will help speed the development of more refueling stations?...More...


Why is there a "Gravitational Constant"? God's Energy or "Genergy" relies on the physics of gravity from start to finish. Is this reasonable? More...


Can you explain the difference between natural laws and the SUPERNATURAL? These documentaries are very interesting...more...


Syrian Refugee Crisis.  Doctors are needed in Greece NOW!  More...


The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers ("SNAME") turns 115 years old.  Congratulations SNAMEMore...


What does seafood & energy have in common?  Is there truly a change in the American diet towards fish?  Houston, TX USA is once again the Launch Site but for quite the different technology: Seafood, Agriculture, & Renewable Energy...more


Cogeneration; Is it energy efficiency or energy generation?  Is "CAES" a myth? Can air power anything? If you use energy once can it be reused?...more


What makes Aquaculture such an important topic?  Why is God's Energy integrating aquaculture into the Houston power plant?  Is aquaculture a mature business and is it growing in the USA? ...more


Hallelujah!  It's finally here!  The "official" application was submitted January 19, 2010.  Unlike pregnancy this birth took until March 17, 2015 to give birth.  The first United States of America Patent No. 8,981,582.


PRNEWSWIRE tells of the "New $30 Million Deal To Develop World's Largest Indoor Vertical Farm In Newark"...more


New Online Course on Water... Download the USBR Executive Summary here...Look at the difference Living Waters Renewable Energy Desalination makes using God's Energy...Click Here for More...


Can it truly be possible to deliver an Acre Foot of water to California residents for $150?  Can renewable energy generate 30,000 MW of electric power and lower the cost of electricity in California?  Would you like your California Legislature to start moving towards those goals?...Would you?...more


Ever heard the saying, "Whatever goes up must come down."?  Genergy flips the way you look at gravity; "Whatever falls down must come up." Have you ever seen a High Diver disappear after completing a dive?...more


Houston, TX will be the first city in the world with a renewable energy powered Vertical Fish Farm.  A Joint Venture was signed today...more


Vertical Breathing Farms are not only beautiful but now that God's Energy electric power generation enables fish and produce to be farmed in the structures they can be profitable and sustainable too...more


Aquaculture, RAS, Vertical Farming, and Renewable Energy design for Houston, TX.  Location to be released very soon...


Will the California City Councils of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach be the first communities in the world to bring 100% renewable clean inexpensive electricity to their communities...more.


"Physics is interesting!"  For Barbara & Lauren (Tutor and Physics Student) using interesting websites like "Old & New" and  "A Guide To Simple Machines In Cars" makes the learning more enjoyable.  Well done Barbara and Lauren!


Wolfram, Inc. has a "Demonstration" website.  Demonstrations are examples of mathematics and physics using their sophisticated modeling and simulation software.  One demonstration model shows the Thermodynamics of an Air Compressor.  Try it and see how God's Energy works...more


How does God's Energy use a hydraulic piston to turn a hydraulic motor to spin an electric generator? ...More


Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."  Do you understand how God's Energy...more


Plan to switch to 80% Renewable Energy by 2033 and end the Drought proposed to California Legislature...more


California Department of Water Resources Desalination Technology Briefing presentation of Living Waters HD...HD_Video or iPhone_3GP


"G-Ship Renewable Energy Propulsion at 25 Knots" short article on Marine Link " The World's Largest Online Maritime Presence"...more


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Board of Directors Meeting, Kurt Grossman, Genergy, LLC, CEO, requests water & power agreements...more


Public Comments were made at the California State Assembly Select Committee on Coastal Protection Hearing...More


Stayed tuned for the "Living Waters" report.  The US Dept. of Energy has new reports on the Water Energy Nexus.  Full Report click.  Executive Summary click.


California uses 20% of its energy moving water?  Read about it... Now God has a technology to drop that number down to 2%.


What is one of the greatest sources of pollution in the world?...more...


What does the Carbon Trust say about compressed air energy? Compressed air is a form of energy.  Careful management is critical ...more


Hoover Dam Lake Mead Water Level Drops To Record Low.  With the ongoing drought California water supply is in greater peril...more


Energy has to balance just like your checkbook!  What goes in has to match what goes out...NO deficit (for long)...more


Genergy, LLC is glad to have the Letter of Support from another California water agency...more


"Gravity" is a box office hit!  Who would have ever thought that Isaac Newton's mathematics would make it to the movie screen.  more...


Have you seen how children learn how water and gravity produce electricity?  more


What gets stronger in the ocean underwater; bends but does not break; and can be made to submerge deeper than any naval submarine in the world? Video  More...


What is "RPS"?  Why does the State of California limit utilities ability to purchase power?  What are the Renewable Energy goals of the State? more


Who wants to drive under the ocean?  You can...NatGeo God's energy is undersea infrastructure that floats.  Crazy? New? Learn more..


Side by Side Animations Showing How Hydraulic Cylinders Will Power the Generators Along With The Clear Description of God's energy system...more


Now that the fundamental science is validated...what about economics? ...more


An SPG using Hydraulic Energy Transfer looks almost identical...more

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Have you seen the clearest SPG video?  A new enhanced video has sharp lines and slow speech to explain the mechanical system...more


Intellectual property now extends globally thanks to Glen Nuttall, Esq., Knobbe, Martens, Olsen, & Bear...more


The Virginia Class submarine was built on a computer and passed sea trials with flying colors!  A "Clean Sweep"...more


Happiest Birthday Celebration of Jesus Ever!  Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad! Frohe Weihnachten!


Genergy, LLC welcomes the support of the Municipal Water District of Southern California to bring more clean water and renewable energy to California.  More.


Genergy, LLC eyes Vertical Farming, Wastewater Treatment, and Local Organic Produce...MORE


Genergy, LLC welcomes the support of the Municipal Water District of Orange County to bring more clean water and renewable energy to California.  More


Where can you find the official list of California RPS Eligible power plant facilities?  More


Genergy, LLC was introduced to the San Diego County Water Authority at its Board of Directors Meeting ...more


Comments at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Board of Directors Meeting 08/21/2012 - see clip - see meeting -


Welcome to the newest in Interactive Physics Online!  Move things around.


Genergy, LLC received a Letter of Support from West Basin Municipal Water District...more


CEC Grants RPS Certifcation & Awards Pre-certification to SPGCA-1, LLC 1st Ever!...


Genergy CEO interviewed by Surfrider


California Energy Commission, (CEC) Renewables Committee accept Genergy as newest Renewable Program Standards (RPS) technology...


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